Running Toward Success

It’s Week 26 of my gastric sleeve surgery journey and Hallelujah, the scale moved! I lost 3.5 pounds for a total of 79 pounds! Naturally, I love seeing the scale move down, but a non-sleeve victory last week was even better – I ran my second 5K race!

Turkey Run 2013!

Turkey Run 2013!

Turkey Run 2012!

Turkey Run 2012!

Last year, I ran my first 5K Race on Thanksgiving. Here are my feelings after last year’s race:

Now that my first 5K is a few days past, I have a few lessons I have learned:

  • When they say you will get trampled if you’re too close to the front of the starting line, they are right. I blew my shins out in the first five minutes trying to keep up and not get smushed.
  • When you text your husband at mile 1 with the words “I Suck” he will text you back the most encouraging and loving words. Every runner should have a Dave.
  • Somehow you will be able to finish and that is good enough. Forget any preconceived notions of a finish time. Use it to work toward the next race.
  • When you get to the finish line finally, having a great friend cheer for you like you’re in first place makes a difference. Every runner should have a friend like Noelle.
  •  I will run more 5Ks! And I will do this race again next even while wearing a turkey hat!

Here this year’s summary:

  • Starting the race farther back does help, but more importantly, thinking of your own pace and letting the crowds run around you is just fine. I did keep my eye on a few groups of runners so I would know how my pace was, but I concentrated on myself.
  • I didn’t need to text my husband this year! I knew he, among many others, were supporting me and I didn’t need to text him to remember I had many cheerleaders, near and far.
  • I finished and beat my official time from last year by 4 ½ minutes! More importantly, I was able to run more of the race than last year (79 pounds less makes a big difference) and I had fun!
  • Again, one of my biggest supporters, my friend, Noelle, was there to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line. She is one of my friends who inspired, encouraged and pushed me into changing my life in such a positive way and I can’t think of anyone better to be at the finish line!
  • Same as last year, I will run more 5K races! And I did wear a turkey headband this year. I like having a goal to push me and keep me focused on my physical and mental health!

I never thought I would call myself a runner. I have never been athletic, but running is something I enjoy. I can do it at my pace, no matter what size I am. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned this year. Find something you love and do it at your own pace. Be true to yourself and you can find peace, happiness and success.

I am trying to keep in mind that success is what matters to you, not what anyone else thinks. Am I losing weight to look good and fit in our society better? Yes, I must admit I am, but I am also losing weight to be the person I want to be and the person that I know I am. This is my definition of success and I am excited to keep working toward this as I go Down the Scale…


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