Welcome to Down the Scale, my weight loss journey blog. I’m Jen, a formerly obese woman who began to change herself physically and mentally with gastric sleeve surgery in June 2013.

Overweight from childhood with brief periods of health, I finally took ownership of my problem and discovered a whole new world as a healthy woman. My journey continues to evolve as do I.  Initially I thought this was just about losing weight, but I soon realized I needed to change myself mentally as well as physically.

Even if being overweight isn’t an issue for you, I hope you’ll read my blog and find something to relate to in your own life. Obesity isn’t just a physical issue; it’s about emotions, too. Gastric sleeve surgery changed my stomach, but more importantly it helped me change my attitude and confidence. It has taught me more about myself than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will be part of my community as I go Down the Scale….

Jen Pitts Scheiderman


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